TV Mounting Services

Walls offer an ideal solution for mounting your televisions. Any size of TV can easily be tucked against the wall for an exceptional viewing experience.

Why Do People Want to Mount the TV to the Wall?

Well, there is no right answer for this as it depends on a lot of personal choices as people prefer mounted televisions. Other reasons can be that they give you a cleaner aesthetic as the space below the TV can be used for something else. It can also be for safety as standing televisions can be tipped over by an accident or with kids running around.

Nowadays, there are many TV mounting options available in the market as well as all price ranges. No matter how expensive or cheap the mount you purchase the hardware for all tends to be the same as well as the installation process.
Let’s have a look at how to install from the preps required to the actual installation

What Will I Need?

Some Tips on Handling the TV

If the TV is small it can be handled but if the TV is large, it is best to get another helping hand. Even if you think the weight and height of the tv are manageable for one person it is still best to have more people with you as you do not want to end up damaging the tv.

Be sure to be delicate when handling the tv as any pressure on the display can end up ruining the tv.
Make sure that you lift the TV from the bottom rather than the top as too much wiggling of the TV here and there can mess up its chassis and if they are thin televisions then they can also be prone to bending.
If you want to put the TV down on the surface make sure you put the screen side towards the bottom, but make sure that you put a blanket or a soft material underneath as any dirt can end up scratching your TV screen.

Now Straight to Mounting

Get the Mount Right

You need to make sure that the mount that you get is right and fits the standards of your TV perfectly. You need to consider two factors; one being the size of the bracket and the other being based on your choice, which one would you like to put up. Also when you get the mount open the box read the instructions and make sure that all the essentials are present in it and that you have all your mounting tools available.

The Perfect Position for your TV

After you have chosen the mount. The next step is to find the right distance and the height you would want your TV to be placed for optimal viewing. Proper positioning is essential as once done you will not be able to change. Look for the right wall you would want to place the TV on it should be a sufficient distance from your seating spaces. As well as it should also have the necessary power outlets so that your TV can be plugged in and work.

How to Mount?

After you have planned everything and have got your basics about tv mounting you should be ready to mount the tv to the wall. It is relatively a simple process but depending on how well you can handle it. A TV that sits right will enhance the outlook of your space.

Step 1: Find the Studs

Once you have decided on a perfect spot to mount your TV. Now you need to find the studs to mount the bracket properly. Mounting the wall to the bracket ensures the structural strength that is necessary to hold the TV. Usually, for most TVs, they are just two to three studs and they are simple to find either you can use a stud finder or something else.

Step 2: Mark the Position

Mark it with a pencil where you would like to put your screws into the wall. Use a scale to make sure that the points are parallel and are on the same line. If not a pencil you can use tape to mark the line.

Step 3: Double Check

After you are done putting your marks on the points. It is best to double-check by putting the bracket up and see if the studs match the points.

Step 4: Drill the Holes

Now drill the mount into the points and the screws marked in the proper positions.

Step 5: Mount the Wall Bracket

Once you have ensured that the holes are drilled, firmly attach the racket to the wall. Making sure that the screws are tight enough and that they will be able to withhold the tv properly.

Step 6: Attach the TV Mounting Plate

After the screws and everything has been put firmly it is time to attach the plate to the tv. They will be attached through a rail or a simple clip depending on the mount you are using. Make sure to tighten the screws onto the plate properly but not to overtighten it as this can result in damaging it.

Step 7: Attach the Plate to the Wall Mount

Now you have the tv plate and positions and the wall mount attached so now all you have to do is lift the tv and attach it to the position. Make sure the tv is aligned properly.

Step 8: Connect the TV to the Power

After you are done with all the assembling steps and putting the TV up. Now you can connect the TV to the power outlet and enjoy.


Mounting a TV is simple if it is done properly according to the steps. One of the first things you need to assure is that the tv mount you get is the right one for the tv and it will fit into the wall space accordingly. Now coming to the TV itself, the display is very delicate, so you need to be gentle when handling it as you will have to handle it carefully. It is also best to get help even if you think you can handle it yourself to avoid unpleasant situations. The right positioning of the TV will have a huge impact on the look of the space as well as depend on how you enjoy watching it.

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