Can you mount a TV on a brick wall? Absolutely. But mounting a TV on brick does take more preparation, knowledge, and tools than installing one on drywall. This guide will show you how to hang a TV on a brick wall so you can make the most of your wall space and elevate your entertainment.

One of the greatest benefits of modern, slim TVs is that you can mount them on a wall. Unlike old, bulky TVs that required an entire living room corner or an entertainment center, today’s televisions can hang like artwork.

But if you have brick walls in your home you may feel the wall-mounted TV ship has sailed. Luckily that’s not the case. We’ll go over the tools you’ll need and how to drill into your brick wall to mount your TV securely.

Supplies for Mounting a TV on a Brick Wall

Hanging a TV on a brick wall is well within the capabilities of a DIYer; you’ll just need certain tools and supplies:

How to Hang a TV on a Brick Wall

Choose a location

Before you drill any holes, be sure to find a location close enough to an electrical outlet and cable jack. The fewer visible cables, the better looking the installation.

Find the installation height

Mark the drill holes

Drill the holes

Install the bracket

Install the TV

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